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How to Play Zingo

Zingo is an enjoyable children's game.
children image by Marzanna Syncerz from Fotolia.com

Zingo is a fun, bingo-style game designed for children ages 4-8, but it can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It requires concentration, memory and quick thinking to claim tiles, fill your Zingo card and win the game. Be careful though; other players might need the same tiles as you. They'll be trying to beat you to them!

Fill the tile dispenser with Zingo tiles, making sure that all tiles are facing up. Choose one player to be the moderator. The remaining players (up to 8) should choose a Zingo card.

Begin play when the moderator dispenses two tiles. Players check the pictures on the tiles with the pictures on their Zingo cards. If there is a match, the players yell out the name of the matching tile. The player that says the name first can place the tile on the corresponding space on his card.

Win the game by filling all slots on your game card and shouting "Zingo!" Choose a new moderator, redistribute the cards and play again. Continue until every player has had a turn to be moderator. Whoever wins the most rounds is the champion.


Make the game more interesting by putting a few tiles in upside-down. These tiles are wild cards. Players claim them by yelling out the name of whatever picture they wish to assign to the wild card.


  • Players must agree together ahead of time that if there is any dispute over who wins a particular tile, the moderator makes the final call. As with any competitive game, when playing with very young children, it is helpful to have an adult as moderator to prevent any disagreements.
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