How to Play PlayStation 2's Fisherman's Bass Club

"Fisherman’s Bass Club" is a fishing simulator for the PlayStation 2. The goal is to catch different types of fish to win tournaments and gain prestige. The game has 10 different tournaments where the player tries to catch the biggest fish, the heaviest fish, or the most fish, and a free mode to practice.

Select the proper lure for the fish you want to catch. Poppers and minnows will attract fish at shallower depths while deep cranks and swishers are effective in deeper water. Different lures may be more effective at different times of day or in different weather. Appeal lures are better for muddy, murky waters while natural lures are better for clearer water.

Select a fishing location. The game offers five locations, including building ruins, a boat dock, and a bridge. Aim for locations that a fish might hide in, such as in ruined buildings, under a bridge or in the shade of trees.

Press the “X” button to cast your line once you have selected your location. Press “X” again to retrieve your line and recast it in a better position.

Use the left analog stick to adjust your line. Slowly moving your line with the left analog stick will lure in fish and entice them to bite. Use motions that are accurate for the type of bait you are using, making it irresistible for a fish to bite.

Push the left analog stick up when the controller vibrates and your line snags, informing you a fish has taken a bite of your lure. This hooks the fish onto your lure and allows you to reel him in.

Move your line in the direction your fish moves. This has to be done quickly to keep up with the fish. If you move in the wrong direction, the fish will break your line and get away.

Recast your line at the fish if your line has broken and gotten away. Every fish comes with an “Energy” meter and once the “Energy” meter is low, the fish will be easier to reel in. Keep up with the fish long enough, and you will reel him in.