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How to Get PS3 Sound through a USB Headset

You can use a USB headset with your PlayStation 3.
headset image by Dron from Fotolia.com

The PlayStation 3 allows you to play video games, music and movies on your home television. If you own a compatible USB headset, you may wish to set this as the output device so all sound is played through the headset. This is a good option for when you want to watch movies or play games without the sound disturbing other people in the room. You can configure your PlayStation 3 to use your USB headset by changing your system’s settings from the main menu.

Plug your USB headset into the USB port on your PlayStation 3.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 and navigate to the main menu.

Select the “Settings” icon, then choose “Accessory Settings” from the menu that appears below.

Select “Audio Device Settings” from the “Accessory Settings” menu.

Navigate to the setting next to “Output Device.” This will highlight the current output device that the PlayStation 3 is using.

Press the “X” button on your controller to change the output device. Your USB headset’s name should appear next to the “Output Device” setting.

Navigate down to the “OK” button on your screen and press the “X” button on your controller to accept the new setting. Your PlayStation 3 should now be using your USB headset as an output device to play all sounds.

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