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How to Play Guitar Hero Drums on a PC

Get your drums working so you can drum away again.
drum image by Byron Moore from Fotolia.com

Guiter Hero lets you play drums or guitar to your heart's content on almost every system. With all the different systems it can be a little bit frustrating trying to get this guitar to work there, and those drums to work here. Getting the drums to work on the PC can be a bit tricky, but with some work it can be done.

Things You'll Need:

  • Drums
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Usb Cable

Download the latest update for Guitar Hero World Tour. The update can be found at the official Red Octane site. The latest update will allow the game to function properly and give you the best chance to recognize USB devices.

Set up and plug in your drums. Plug in and connect the wireless USB receiver for the drums. You need to be using the PS3 or the Xbox 360 drums, as the Wii drums are not currently supported with the PC.

Install necessary drivers. When you plug in the drums Windows may come up with a message prompting you to install new drivers for your drums. Click "accept" and install the drivers. Restart your computer if necessary for the drivers to take effect.

Download PS360 MIDI drummer. This program allows the drums to work with Guitar Hero. Install the program and re-sync the drum set to the wireless receiver.

Download LoopBe1. This software allows the drums to communicate with the PC. Install LoopBe1 and restart the computer. When you restart the computer click on the new icon in the bottom right of the computer to confirm the drums are recognized by your computer.

Configure the PS360MIDI program for the drums. Open the program and enter data for each drum piece. This involves a little trial and error in finding the right sensitivity frequency. The frequency will vary a little bit, but generally the numbers are around 30 to 50. Start with 30 for each drum piece and make adjustments as necessary.


Ps360MIDI drummer can be found by running a simple Internet search.


  • Be careful when downloading programs. Avoid suspicious sites.
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