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How to Take Apart a Guitar Hero Drum Stand

Take your drumset down into smaller pieces.
drums image by agno_agnus from Fotolia.com

Guitar Hero can be a blast as you quickly smash away on the drums and jam out with your friends. The fun stops, however, if you can't take apart your drum set to get it over to your best friend's place to get the party started. Prepare your drum set for storage or transport, or check on the wires if something isn't working, with the help of a flathead screwdriver.

Pry the three drum pads off the rest of the drum system by using a flathead screwdriver to carefully work up some leverage between the plastic and the top of the drum set. Give it a gentle tug and carefully remove each of the three drum pads. It's not necessary to take off the drum pads for storage or transport--but it's helpful if you're taking it apart to fix the unit.

Unplug the cymbals from the main console and remove them from the drum set by unscrewing the piece sitting on top of the cymbals and then gently pulling the cymbals off.

Unplug and detach the base pedal from the drum system.

Unclip the section that holds the drum pads from the stand. The latches are attached to the frame just underneath the drum pad region. Remove the main drum section.

Locate the switch in the middle of the drum stand and flip it up. The drum stand should look like an "H" and the switch you're looking for is in the middle part of the "H." Pull the two stands apart.


Be careful when taking off drum pads. Delicate wiring rests underneath the drum pads of the system.
Remember where all the pieces go so you can reassemble the drums.


  • Keep the pieces of your drum set in a safe place so you don't lose any of the pieces.
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