How to Play Four Square

How to Play Four Square. Players take turns bouncing a ball into each other's squares in this game, which is a bit like tennis.

Play this game with children ages six and up. You need at least four people to play, but more is better.

Draw a large square with sides of at least four feet - use chalk on pavement or masking tape on carpet.

Divide the square into four equal squares and make a circle around the lines that meet in the center.

Number the squares one through four.

Use a bouncy ball about the size of a volleyball.

Place one player in or just behind each square.

Put yourself in square four.

Line up any additional players behind square one.

Serve the ball from square four by bouncing it in your square and then hitting it into another square. You're fine if the ball lands in another square or if someone hits it before it bounces into a square.

Return the ball any time it bounces in your square. Hit it and bounce it into another square.

Leave your square and go to the end of the line behind square one if the ball you hit goes outside the boundaries without bouncing or being touched.

Go to the end of the line if a ball bounces in your square and you can't hit it.

Go to the end of the line if a ball you hit lands in the circle in the center.

Move up as other players miss and have to go to the end of the line.

Develop strategies by learning to bounce the ball at the edge of the square so that it bounces and then goes out of the square.

Try putting a spin on the ball so that it bounces and then rebounds in the opposite direction.

Win the game by making it to the fourth square and staying there longer than anyone else.


Play Four Square on knees indoors. Play it standing up outside. If a ball hits a player without bouncing first, it is considered out if the player is outside a square and in play if the player is in a square.

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