How to Perform the Body Wave Hip Hop Dance Move

Perform the Body Wave Hip Hop Dance Move

How to Perform the Body Wave Hip Hop Dance Move. When you think of hip hop dancing, you most probably will think of the wave. The body wave is a classic move done by all hip hop dancers. Get a work out, have fun and learn how to body wave.

Stand with your feet about hip width apart and your body relaxed.

Roll the shoulders as far forward as you can creating a hunch in your back.

Push your chest out and roll your shoulders back at the same time. As you roll the shoulders back, drop them down so your chest comes out far and pronounced.

Poke your stomach and hips out and bring the chest back to a normal position.

Move down to the knees. Bend down in a deep second position plie, knees are pointing out. This is a sitting position so poke your butt out.

Stay in the plie and pull the knees in so they are pointing towards each other. When you pull the knees in, roll forward on your toes and your knees will naturally come in.

Reverse Steps 1 through 6.


Practice the body wave slowly until you can get all the moves down, then increase the speed and make it one fluid movement. Change the body wave up and pop it on each separate move. You can add arm movements to the body wave by starting with the wrists down, then elbows up and move on into the body wave starting with the shoulders.

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