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How to Adjust the Height of an Ironing Board

Adjust the height of an ironing board to make ironing comfortable.
ironing image by jovica antoski from Fotolia.com

As mundane as ironing may be, clothing with crisp pleats and smooth lines often makes the chore of ironing worthwhile. When your collars are neat, your cuffs even and your pants creases straight, you can step out of the house with confidence. As you iron, make it easy on yourself and adjust the height of the ironing board to make it the proper height for you.

Look at the underside of the ironing board to determine how it functions. You should find some sort of lever or button to either push or slide that will allow you to open the ironing board from its collapsed position.

Place the collapsed ironing board flat on the floor in front of you.

Reach your hand under the top of the ironing board to find the lever or button that you must push or slide.

Press or slide the button or lever while simultaneously lifting up on the surface of the ironing board. The ironing board should lift up and open as you pull it.

Stop lifting the ironing board when it reaches the height you desire. Release the button or lever and the ironing board should lock in place. Test the lock of the ironing board carefully by pressing down on the surface of the ironing board with your hands.

Stand facing the ironing board to assess the height and determine if it is the proper height for you to work on. For standing at the ironing board, the top surface of the ironing board should come to your hip level. Raise or lower the ironing board slightly by pressing the button or lever again and pulling up on the ironing board or pressing it down slightly. Release the button again.

Adjust the ironing board for someone shorter or for sitting whilst ironing. Press the lever or the button and carefully push down on the ironing board to lower it. When the ironing board reaches the desired height, release the button or lever to lock the ironing board in place.

Press the button or slide the lever and press down on the ironing board to collapse it when you are ready to put the ironing board away.

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