How to Paint With Acrylics on Paper

Acrylic paint is essentially plastic in a liquid form with various colors. It dries quickly and adheres well to paper so that you can create lasting works of art on a cheaper canvas than actual canvas. You will need a paper plate or a palette to put your paint on, some brown tape and a piece of cardboard or other backdrop on which to paint.

Stretch your paper by taping the edges to a piece or cardboard or similar material. This will prevent the paper from curling up when the paint is applied to it.

Squirt some of the different colors of acrylic paint you will be using onto a paint palette or onto a paper plate. You can mix colors to create new ones on your palette or plate.


Use a paintbrush to dab a small amount of acrylic paint onto it. Start painting on the paper, dipping the brush in a small cup of water to rinse the brush each time you use a different color.


Keep the paper taped to the backdrop and allow it to dry for at least an hour before removing your artwork.