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How to Make Paper Charms

White school glue is a type of PVA glue.
Feng Yu/iStock/Getty Images

You can make beautiful paper charms for your bracelet using such simple supplies as scissors, card stock and some inexpensive PVA glue. This is project suitable for both adults and children.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Decorative Paper
  • Pva Glue
  • Pencil
  • Paper Die Cutter
  • Plain Card Stock
  • Heat Gun

Select or sketch a charm pattern for your project. Paper die cutters used in scrapbook making feature a lot of small cutout patterns that can double as paper charms. Or just sketch a two-dimensional charm idea on card stock and cut it out with scissors.

Cut out three identical charm patterns from card stock, using either the die cutter or a pair of scissors.

Cut out two charm patterns from the decorative paper. If you are using paper with the decorative pattern on one side only, remember to flip the template over when cutting out the second charm pattern. This ensures that both the top and bottom of the completed charm will be covered with a decorative pattern.

Stack and glue the three card stock cutouts together. Use a liberal amount of glue to completely cover the paper on all sides. Make sure that the edges of the three cutouts are lined up and even.

Place the two pieces of decorative paper on the outsides of the card stock. Cover these completely with PVA glue. The PVA glue helps to create a seal and adds a shiny look to the charm.

Allow the charm to dry for one day, or use a heat gun to speed up the drying process.


You can also use Mod Podge instead of PVA glue for paper charms. The more glue you use, the more solid the final charm will be. You can layer any kind of paper -- even printer paper -- to create a three-dimensional charm.

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