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How to Organize a Successful Dinner Theater Fundraiser

Thinking of creative fundraiser ideas that will be sure to bring in money to support your cause is sometimes more challenging than the actual fundraiser event itself. By organizing a dinner theater, you are sure to have a successful event as well as great entertainment. This article will give you the guidelines and tips you will need to keep the costs low and the entertainment quality high, all while bringing in a healthy profit.

Things You'll Need:

  • Food
  • Facility With A Stage
  • Ticket Roll
  • Tables And Chairs
  • Cooks And Servers
  • Computer And Printer
  • Actors

Find the location. Look for one within your community that is big enough to accommodate on-stage performers as well as an adequate number of tables and chairs. Ideally, your location should have kitchen equipment or at least a sizable area to serve food.

Plan sales. Before securing a location, talk to your local fire marshal to determine how many people the location is capable of holding. You will need this information to know how many tickets to make available. To have a profitable fundraiser, set your ticket price according to the number of tickets that you must sell.

Plan the menu. Menu planning for a fundraiser should be done as inexpensively as possible. Inquire at local grocery stores for deals and discounts that they may consider offering for a fundraising event. Plan a menu that has a meat, vegetable or two, dinner roll and dessert.

Choose a theatrical performance. Opt for a performance that does not require a lot of stage props. Simple performances such as "Our Town" or the Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol" can be performed with very simple props. Community fine arts clubs or high school drama classes are excellent venues to locate actors.

Create an advertisement for the dinner theater fundraiser. Using your computer, create an advertisement that provides the ticket price, menu, performance title and location information.

Recruit volunteers who are willing to cook the food, serve the guests and sell tickets. Everyone should have a designated job to do in order to make the fundraiser successful.


When finding a location, ensure that it will hold enough people to be profitable.


  • Theater actors should not perform in the table area.
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