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How to Move Like a Dancer

Move Like a Dancer

How to Move Like a Dancer. No one is more graceful than a dancer. When she enters the room, she glides across the floor with all eyes are on her. Whether or not you have ever taken a dance class, you can easily learn to move like a dancer. And, with a little practice, you too can have all eyes on your graceful and fluid movements when you walk into a room.

Stand Up Straight

Stand with your hands at your sides, your feet about shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Focus your eyes straight ahead and imagine you are walking with books on your head. Pull your shoulders back and down, you are now standing like a dancer.

Imagine a string is hanging from the ceiling and you are suspended from it by the very top of your head. Imagine the tension of the string is pulling you up. This is another way to achieve a dancer's posture.

Pull your abdominal muscles in and tip your pelvis back slightly to keep this body alignment. Once you have practiced either of these methods of standing up straight you will be able to move more gracefully.

Find Your Balance

Find your central point of balance. Make a fist and place it just below your breastbone, just where your ribs start to separate. This is your point of balance, think of moving it forward while you walk.

Feel the proper alignment of your body while you walk. Remember the books on top of your head or the string suspending you from the ceiling. Keep your eyes focused in front of you and you will move gracefully through space.

Allow your arms to swing freely while you walk. Your right arm should swing back as your right foot steps forward and your left arm should swing back as your left foot steps forward.

Complete your graceful walk by finding your centering knob at the base of your neck, where the base of your neck and your spine meet. Concentrate on keeping that knob still while you walk. This will keep your chin from moving up and down while you walk.


Practice moving like a dancer in the privacy of your own home. Walk past a mirror and look to make sure you are walking smoothly and gracefully. Keep practicing until this graceful walk become automatic.

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