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How to Make Your PS3 Run Faster

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Your PlayStation 3 console allows you to play games, watch movies and download new content. However, your PS3 may not run as fast as it can due to different ways in which the console has been set up and the amount of content you have stored on the console's hard drive. You can make changes to your PS3 to speed up game loading, downloads and general navigation. To enable many of these changes, you will need to have a home Internet connection to hook your console up to.

Switch From Wireless to Wired

Power off your PS3 console. Insert an Ethernet cable into the port on the back of the PS3. Insert the other end of the cable into a modem or router.

Power on your PS3 console. Scroll to “Settings” on the console. Scroll down to “Network Settings” and press “X.”

Scroll down to “Internet Connection Settings” and press “X.” Select “Wired Connection.” Confirm the selection and then choose “Easy” and press “X.” Proceed through the setup and press “X” on “Test Connection.” The settings will be saved.

Press “Circle” to return to the cross media bar of your PS3. The wired connection will allow faster downloads than a wireless connection.

Update Firmware

Power on an Internet connected PS3. Scroll to “Settings” on the cross media bar. Scroll up to “System Update” and press “X.”

Highlight “Update via Internet” and press “X.”

Scroll through the update menu and select “Yes” to begin the download and update process. The console will reset and install the update automatically. New firmware is released regularly from Sony to help add functionality to the console and clean up old programs that slow the console down.

Install Game Data

Turn over a game case and check the amount of “HDD Space Needed” on the back of the box. If the amount listed is more than 100 MB, the game can be installed.

Insert the game into your PS3 console. Scroll to “Game” on the cross media bar. Highlight the game disc and press “X.” The game may install automatically; if not, continue to the main menu of the game.

Scroll down to “Options” on the main game menu. Highlight “Install” and press “X.” The game will install content onto your PS3. After being installed, games run faster and have shorter loading times.

Delete Old Files

Power on your PS3. Scroll to “Music,” “Video” or “Game.”

Highlight a file such as a game save, movie or other media that you no longer want on your console.

Press “Triangle” on your controller. Scroll down to “Delete” and press “X.” Press “X” again to confirm. The file will be deleted, freeing up memory on your console, which can be used for game installs or to slightly increase navigation speed.

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