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How to Make Tiger Ears Out of Felt

When making a tiger costume for a child while on a budget, you can easily make accessories such as the tail and ears out of simple craft supplies such as felt, fake fur and glue. You can use a template to get the proper shape of the tiger ears, or draw them yourself using a basic triangle design with the corners rounded out.

Things You'll Need:

  • Tiger Ear Template Or Pen
  • Pink Felt
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Pins
  • Fake Tiger Fur
  • Fabric Glue
  • Velvet-Covered Headband

Cut the ear shapes from the felt. Use the template to trace the proper shape on the felt, or draw them freehand. Make sure you draw two ears. Cut them out of the felt. To judge size, hold them up against the head of the person who will be wearing them. If they seem too large, you can trim them a bit.

Cut the fur to match the felt. Place the felt ear shapes against the back of the fake tiger fur and pin together. Carefully cut out the fur so that it is the same size and shape as the pink felt.

Glue everything together. Remove the pins from the felt and fur and glue the two pieces together to make a solid ear. Glue the bottom edge of the ears to the velvet headband, about 2 inches apart. You can hold the ears 2 inches from each other against the headband first to make sure they look right. Position them according to your preference if the 2-inch spacing isn't suitable.


If you do not want to use fake tiger fur for the ears, you can use black and orange felt instead. Use the orange as the base and the black for striping.


  • Large ears may not stand up properly on the headband. Take small pieces of popsicle sticks and insert them between the felt and the fur to keep them upright.
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