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How to Make the Words Bigger in Games for the PS3

Many users of the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) complain of small and unreadable text within games. This is often a result of using a smaller HDTV, a Standard Definition TV or of using an improper resolution output setting. You will need to lower the resolution output of the gaming console to increase the display size of the text on the PS3.

Turn on your PS3. Navigate to "Settings" from the main menu, also known as the Cross Media Bar (XMB). Find “Display Settings” and press the “X” button on your controller.

Select “Video Output Settings” and press the “X” button on your controller.

Select the type of cable you are using to connect your PS3 to your TV and press the “X” button.

Select only “Standard (NTSC)” from the list by pressing the “X” button when it is highlighted.

Select your TV type, which will either be “4:3” for standard screens or “16:9” for widescreens. Press the “X” button.


Repeat the process and selecting a higher resolution if you find this reduces the resolution too much.


  • Ensure the resolution selected is supported by your television by referring to the TV’s manual or the manufacturer’s website. 480i (Standard) will be the only output supported if you do not have an HDTV. Also note that changing the resolution will have an effect in some games, but not necessarily all. Be sure to check the settings within your game for an option to adjust the text size if changing the output resolution of the PS3 doesn’t work.
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