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How To Enlarge The Fonts on a PS3

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a video game console developed by Sony. The console settings are primarily adjusted using the XcrossMediaBar (XMB). The console also has an Internet browser that can be used to browse websites. The text displayed by the XMB and Internet browser can be extremely small, depending on the size of your television. The XMB font size cannot be directly enlarged, but it can be made to appear larger by adjusting the console’s screen resolution. The PS3 Internet browser allows the user to adjust the font size directly.

XMB Font Size

Turn on your PS3 console. The XcrossMediaBar (XMB) will appear on the screen. You can also reach the XMB by pressing the “PS” button on the controller while you are playing a game.

Scroll to the “Settings” option in the XMB. The setting submenu will appear vertically above and below the “Settings” icon.

Select “Display Settings” from the vertical settings submenu. A new menu will appear.

Select “Video Output Settings” from the display settings menu.

The input connector option will appear first. Pick the currently selected option and confirm it. This is just confirming which type of cable is used to connect the PS3 to the television. The resolution options will appear after you confirm the input connector.

Uncheck the 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p check boxes. The “Standard (NTSC)” should remain checked.

Confirm the settings. The font will be enlarged for the XMB. The font size did not actually change, but you are now viewing it at a lower resolution. This will cause the font to appear significantly larger on the screen.

Internet Browser Font Size

Highlight the “Network” icon in the XMB. A submenu will appear vertically.

Select the “Internet Browser” icon in the network submenu. The PS3 Internet browser will appear.

Press the triangle button on the controller. The options menu for the browser will appear.

Select “View” followed by “Character Size” in the options menu.

Use the direction pad to change the character size value. Positive values, such as +2, will increase the Internet browser font size. Negative values, like -2, will decrease the browser font size. The default font size would be displayed if the character size is 0. Confirm the character size option to enlarge the PS3 Internet browser text.


The system font size for the PlayStation 3 XcrossMediaBar (XMB) is independent of the font size setting used in PS3 games. Enlarging the XMB or browser font will not increase the font size used in games. A few games do have the option to enlarge font size, but this is not a common feature. If a game has this feature, it will be located under the game’s own options menu.


  • Some websites may not display properly if you enlarge the font. Some text might disappear off the edge of the screen or be placed underneath pictures and other elements of the website if you adjust the text in this fashion.
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