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How to Find the Port Number of My PS3

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The PlayStation 3 can be connected to a home network for accessing the Internet just as if it was a computer. Because the PS3 can download movies, music and games, security software on the home network may think unauthorized activity is going on. This can cause the home network to deny the “ports” that the PS3 uses through the home network for accessing the Internet. Determining the port numbers being used by the PS3 will let you adjust the home network so the PS3 is not considered unauthorized activity. Finding those port numbers can be done within minutes from the PS3’s home menu.

Things You'll Need:

  • Wired Or Wireless Home Network
  • Paper
  • Ps3
  • Pencil

Turn on the PS3. Wait for the home menu to appear on the TV screen. Navigate to the "Settings" icon using the game controller.

Highlight the "Settings" icon. Select "Network Settings" from the list below the "Settings" icon. Press right on the game controller's direction pad to move to a new screen. Continue pressing right on the game controller's direction pad to move to new screens until you come to the "Internet Connection Test" screen.

Highlight "Test Internet connection" and press the "X" button on the game controller.

Wait for a new screen to appear with the results of the Internet connection test. Scroll down the list until you come to the list of port numbers the PS3 uses for accessing the Internet.

On a piece of paper, write down the port numbers the PS3 is using. These are the port numbers that impact the PS3's use of the Internet and are the port numbers to use for any adjustments to the wired or wireless home network.


You can turn off firewalls and other security measures when using the PS3, and then just turn them back on again.


  • Entering the wrong port numbers to the home network can cause unexpected problems.
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