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How to Make the PS3 Brighter for the TV

You can adjust in-game brightness in minutes with your PS3 controller.
BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

If your PS3 looks too dim on the TV, there are methods available for adjusting the brightness. There is no standard brightness menu for all of the PS3’s content, but changing specific display settings one at a time remedies brightness issues in a few minutes. Adjusting the TV’s brightness levels can fix PS3 issues, but it will also change the brightness for any other gaming consoles or DVD players, so cranking up the brightness too high may diminish the display quality of other devices. Once you tweak the general TV settings, you can further adjust brightness for menus and gameplay.

TV Settings

Turn on your TV, and press the “Menu” button on your TV or remote.

Use the menu navigation buttons to highlight “Display” or “Picture.” Remotes without menu navigation buttons often use the channel up and down buttons for menu control.

Highlight the “brightness” option, and press “OK” or “Enter” to select it.

Use the menu navigation arrows to increase the brightness. On some televisions, the volume control adjusts this part of the menu. This changes the overall brightness for the entire TV, and the effect is noticeable on other devices besides the PS3.

PS3 Settings

Turn on your PS3.

Move the controller’s analog stick to the right, navigating to the “Settings” heading on the XMB menu. This is the main menu that appears when your PS3 boots up.

Tap down on the analog stick to highlight “Theme,” and press “X.”

Highlight the “Background” menu, and press “X” on the “Brightness” option.

Use the analog stick to increase the brightness level for your main PS3 menu. This does not influence in-game brightness. Each game has its own independent display properties.

Press “X” to confirm your new brightness settings. This changes the brightness for your main PS3 menu and options, but it does not influence game brightness. To change individual game settings, proceed to Step 7.

Insert a game disc and look for a “Display” settings option on the game’s main menu. Every game handles brightness control differently, but most give you the option to tweak display properties right from the main game menu.

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