How to Make Sonny and Cher Costumes

The singing duo of Sonny and Cher are iconic figures of the 1960s. Because they had a very distinctive look, it’s fairly easy to create a costume that people will recognize as Sonny or Cher. Use a few items from the thrift store or dollar shop to help you pull off the look.

Wear a long black wig if you are going as Cher, who is known for her long black hair. Sonny had a long black, bowl-shaped haircut with straight bangs. He also had a big black mustache, which you can recreate with an eyeliner pencil. Wear a headband tied around your forehead.

Wear bell bottoms pants. To really capture the look of the ‘60s, add funky trim to the bottoms such as beads or lace. Wear tie-dyed shirts or loose "peasant" type shirts and a wide belt with a large buckle. Put on your "love" beads or layer on gold costume jewelry. Sonny often wore his collar open with gold chains.

Apply heavy blue eye shadow and long red fingernails if you are going as Cher.

Find musical props such as a microphone or a tambourine.

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