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Beauty Pageant Monologue Ideas

Put your best face forward for your monologue performance.
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One of the most important elements of a beauty pageant is the talent portion. It’s a chance for the judges to see your personality and get a feel for how well you can deliver a message. Unless you’ve been directed, you can choose a monologue from any category or interest including comedy, classical or drama. Choose a monologue that’s easy for you to act out and show emotion so that you not only deliver, but are believable.

Theme Generation

You can do a monologue on just about anything. Since winning the competition is as dependent on this element as it is the other portions of the pageant, you want to nail it. Stay within the style of acting that you’re comfortable with to make things easier on yourself. Choose a comedy if you know you’re witty or known for your over-the-top personality. Choose a dedicated theme that is easy for the audience to understand and won’t take too long to identify, such as a little girl, a Southern belle or a broken-hearted mistress.


Your delivery has to be precise. Your job is to allow the judges and audience to be able to close their eyes and see the picture exactly as you’re painting it. You must have confidence, focus and talent. Forgetting your lines, being nervous and stuttering over your words will not give you a successful delivery no matter how creative your concept is. Stay in character from start to finish, so there’s never a point where the audience sees “you” in the performance.

Costumes and Props

Don’t be afraid to get into costume and use props for your delivery. If you’re a jealous cheerleader at the football game, pull your hair into two separate ponytails and wear a cheerleading outfit. If you’re supposed to be in your bedroom brushing your hair during your monologue, bring the brush and stroke your hair while you’re delivering. Remember your goal is to draw your audience into the performance.

Show Time

When it’s time to go on, don’t over-study your lines or psych yourself into a nervous frenzy. Relax and maintain confidence. Be sure to have fun while you’re performing so that your true personality comes out. Gaze straight out at the crowd, maintaining no direct eye contact with any one person. Picture yourself in your setting and break a leg.

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