How to Make Pony Bead Flags

Things You'll Need

  • Red, white and blue pony beads
  • Satin cording
  • Scissors

Children love making designs with pony beads as they are large and easy for small hands to work with. Follow these simple instructions to make an American flag design. The beading stitch is a very easy wrap that does not require the use of a needle. Stars are not depicted in this pattern, but you can substitute white beads for some of the blue ones to include stars in your pony bead flags.

Cut a 36-inch section of satin cording and tie a double knot on one end. You can use any kind of thick cording that you like; just make sure that it fits through the pony beads twice.

Thread five blue pony beads, one white bead, one red bead, one white bead and one red bead onto the cording. This is the first row for your flag. Add another row of one red bead, one white bead, one red bead, one white bead and five blue beads to the strand.

Thread the end of the cording back through all of the first row of beads and pull tightly so that the second set of red, white and blue beads are resting against the first to create your second row. Thread the cording back through the second row of pony beads.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 two more times to create rows three, four, five and six.

Thread one red pony bead, one white, one red, one white, one red, one white, one red, one white, and one red onto the cording to make the seventh row in your flag. Repeat this and thread the cording back through the seventh row of pony beads, pulling tightly to create the eighth row. Thread the cording back through the eighth row.

Repeat Step 8 three more times and tie a double knot at the end and cut off any excess cording. Your flag will have a total of 14 rows.


  • Glue a pin backing to the back of your pony bead flag to make a patriotic lapel pin.


  • Carefully supervise young children as they work with small objects like pony beads.



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