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How to Make Point Protectors

Point protectors can protect your knitting needles.
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Point protectors are a useful piece of knitting equipment. You can use them to convert double pointed needles for straight knitting, to stop your work from slipping off a needle and to protect your needles during storage. It can, however, be difficult to find point protectors, especially those designed for very large needles, outside of specialist knitting shops. Fortunately, they are also easy to make yourself.

Things You'll Need:

  • Square Rubber Eraser, Around ½” Thick And At Least 2” Long.
  • Pen Knife
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Large Sewing Or Yarn Needle

Check the diameter of your knitting needle. This should be marked on the package your needles came in or on the top of your needle. Deduct 1/32” from the diameter. For example, for a US #10/6mm 1/4” knitting needle, you would need to make a hole 3/16” in diameter.

Measure the length of the eraser, and mark the halfway point, using the pencil. Draw a straight line across the eraser so that it is divided into two equal halves.

Cut the eraser in half along the line.

Turn the eraser so the cut face is pointing towards you.

Make a pencil mark roughly in the center of the cut face of the eraser.

Line up the ruler with the pencil mark. Draw a vertical line the length of the diameter calculated in Step 1. Make sure the halfway point of the line is on the pencil mark. For example, for a 3/16” hole, the line should extend 1/10” past the pencil mark in either direction.

Turn the eraser 90°. Draw another line in the same way as Step 6. The two lines should form a cross with the pencil mark in the center. Then draw a circle, joining the points of the cross.

Push the sewing needle into the pencil mark to a depth of about 1”.

Insert the tip of the pen knife into the hole made by the needle to a depth of about 1/2”. Cut along the two pencil lines.

Cut around the circle shape and scoop out the loose pieces of eraser. Then use the pen knife to slightly enlarge the needle hole to the depth of about 1” until it is around 1/10” wide.

Check that the hole you have created fits your chosen knitting needles. Use the pen knife to smooth the sides of the hole, which should taper towards the bottom. If the hole is too small, enlarge it slightly until it fits snugly onto the point of your needle.

Repeat steps 1-11 with the other half of the eraser. You now have a set of two point protectors.


If you find it hard to push the sewing needle all the way into the eraser, turn the eraser upside down and tap the head of the needle gently on a hard surface.

If the size is not marked on your knitting needles, use a needle gauge to check it.

You can also make point protectors from air-drying clay. Simply mold it around the tips of your needles.


  • Pen knives have sharp blades. Take extreme care and consider using protective gloves. To avoid damaging your table or worktop, protect them with a chopping board while completing this project.
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