How to Make Plant Hangers

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Things You'll Need

  • Large “S” shaped hook
  • Pliers
  • Three smaller “S” shaped hooks
  • Three 20-inch long chains
  • Or
  • 36 foot rope
  • Metal ring or hook

These are two very quick and easy options to make a plant hanger that is strong enough to support the weight of a pot full of soil and to last a long time. For the chain option, find an attractive chain and hooks. A helpful clerk can cut the chain to the desired length (it doesn’t have to be 20 inches) and if you ask nicely, may bend the hooks for you if it is too hard to do with pliers. For the rope option, you might find everything you need in the garage or be able to improvise with other materials. Again, the length is up to you -- and the size of the flowerpot you want to hang.

Chain Hanger

Insert the bottom of the large hook through the loop at the end of each chain. If you have pliers, bend the hook so it is closed around the links.

Insert one of the small hooks into the loop at the other end of each of the chains. Again, bend the hook closed if you can.

Place the smaller hooks evenly around the edge of the flower pot for better balance and hang the plant from a beam or another support that can hold its weight.

Rope Hanger

Cut the rope into six pieces that are each six feet long.

Tie one end of each of the ropes to the ring or hook. Try to keep the ropes as even as possible.

To make things easier, hang the ring on a hook or nail with the six ropes hanging down or lay the ring down with the ropes extended side by side. Mentally number them from left to right one to six.

Decide where you want the “basket” part of the hanger to start and tie rope one to rope two, rope three to rope four, and rope five to rope six. Before you tighten the knot, place a toothpick (or a similar thin object) at the center of the knot and use it to slide the knot to its exact location.

Below these first knots, at whatever distance you wish, tie rope six to rope one, rope two to rope three, and rope four to rope five.

Repeat this tying pattern alternating between the ropes. If you are able to tie the ropes more or less evenly, the knots will make an attractive diamond shape.

When the “basket” is the size you need, gather the ends of all the ropes and tie them together.


  • Instead of chains for the first option, you can use a rope. Other alternatives (for either hanger) are to braid old plastic bags or rags, or make macramé strips if you’re up for making the entire hanger in macramé. You can add beads to the rope hanger when you tie the knots or at the bottom after you tie them all together.