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How to Make Palm Frond Mats

You can make a useful mat out of palm leaves.
Sakis Papadopoulos/Photodisc/Getty Images

Palm fronds are long, wide leaves that are used in tropical regions to make utilitarian items, such as roofing, hats or mats. You can create your own item out of palm fronds, such as a mat, which you can give to a loved one as a gift, or keep for yourself to decorate your home. In order to successfully make a palm mat, it is helpful to follow a few steps that will ensure the mat will remain in tact.

Things You'll Need:

  • 10 Palm Fronds, Each Measuring 4 Inches High, 24 Inches Long
  • Scissors

Place three palm fronds onto a flat surface, lining them up long edge to long edge.

Weave another palm frond back and forth vertically through the horizontal fronds. Repeat this process with five more palm fronds, making a woven sheet of palm fronds.

Push the fronds together in the form to make the weaving tight.

Fold over the ends of each palm frond, and tuck each one inside the weaving on the back of the mat. Do this with all of the palm fronds, both horizontal and vertical.

Trim off any excess strands or plant material with scissors.

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