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How to Make Music Mashups With SoundCloud

Mashups allow DJs to more easily record music.
Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A mashup describes the re-mixing to two or more tracks together to make a whole new sound. A method popularized by DJs such as DJ Shadow, new mashup applications have come out that make it easier to record and create mashups. SoundCloud is an online portal into which you can upload, record and share your mashups with an online community. You can either upload a mashup file onto the site, or a free account allows you to record up to two hours of music straight from SoundCloud.

Sign up for an account on SoundCloud. Download the SoundCloud app if you have an iPhone or Android phone. Read the Terms of Use before signing up.

Use software specializing in mashups to record and create a mashup file. Upload a mashup file saved on your computer. Log in and click "Upload and Share." Choose your file from the list. Customize the colors and other options on the file page.

Click on "Dashboard," then click "Upload your track or record something." Click "Record." Make sure you have a microphone hooked up, otherwise this option will be grayed out. Note the developing waveform as you record your track. The pen icon on top of the waveform allows you to edit your track. Also, use the SoundCloud app to record music from your iPhone or Android phone.

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