How to Make Monogram Letters Images

Monogramming is a luxurious way to personalize everything from paper goods to linens, with minimal effort. Monograms can be basic -- like one simple letter -- or intricate -- formed from overlapping initials or fancy fonts. Whatever your preference, monogram adds an upscale touch to your personal belongings. Monogramming is also a useful tool to mark clothing and other belongings as yours, to keep them from being lost, like kids' backpacks. While many companies offer monogramming on products, monogramming is also an enjoyable do-it-yourself project, simply requiring mastery of basic padded satin stitch embroidery.

Choose your monogram arrangement. There are several ways to create a monogram; you can use just your first or last initial, center your last initial with your first and middle initials on either side, or arrange an intricate overlapping of a superimposed first and last initial. For household monogramming, like family stationary, monograms can be developed using both heads' of household initials.

Choose your monogram font. Your monogram should express your personal style, and this is done through the font you choose. If your style is modern, select a streamlined, sans-serif font. If you prefer a classic monogram, choose an elegant script. For a more dramatic look, opt for a swirling, intricate font.

Print or draw your monogram pattern. If you are printing a monogram from online, you may need to adjust it to your desired size -- large and flamboyant for decorative monogramming, small and discreet for more functional monogram projects. Monograms can also be hand-drawn, but should be sketched out prior to actually applying it to the item to be monogrammed.

Trace or draw your monogram on the material using a pencil or washable marker. Tracing is most easily and neatly accomplished using a lightbox.

Place your fabric in an embroidery hoop, unless you are embroidering on a heavy, substantial fabric, like monogramming a canvas bag.

Embroider the monogram on your item using a basic padded satin stitch. Outline the monogram using any straight stitch. Fill in the monogram using long or short straight stitches. Cover with a neat satin stitch.