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How to Embroider Using a Viking Rose

Create elaborate embroidery projects with your Viking Rose and 4D Reader system.
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Embroider stunning designs with the Husqvarna Viking Rose sewing machine, model No. 600, with Husqvarna design software. Marketed as an affordable home sewing machine, the model has multiple stitch capabilities and creates beautiful embroidery designs using the reader and writer system attachment. Advanced users can also learn to create multi-hoop designs for large projects. The system includes a dongle that allows you to transfer the designs to the machine, or the machine can be directly connected to the computer via USB.

Connect the machine to your computer or insert the dongle into the computer. The dongle allows for sewing without the direct connection to the computer.

Open the 4D reader program on your computer and select or create the design you intend to add to your project. The design can be printed and used as a template for placing the design on the fabric. This is useful for marking purposes if you will be incorporating the design in multiple locations or need it to be perfectly centered.

If using the dongle, save and transfer the file to the dongle. Then remove the dongle from the computer and place into the machine. Load the design using the “Read card” icon and follow the on-screen prompts to locate the file.

Insert the fabric into the smallest size hoop possible. The hoop should be large enough to incorporate the entire design but not have any more extra space than necessary. Tighten the fabric using the clips and pull at the edges until it is stretched as far as it can go in the hoop.

Lower the feed dogs so that the edges do not catch the fabric and cause damage to the project.

Attach the embroidery foot to the machine.

Thread the machine with the first color. The color will be indicated in the design program on your computer.

Snap the hoop onto the machine. Lower the presser foot and begin sewing slowly. Once the first color is complete, re-thread the machine with the next color and continue sewing. Repeat the process until all of the colors in the design have been stitched.

Things You'll Need:

  • 4D reader/writer system
  • Design software
  • USB cable


The machine will work with any version of the reader software, including the new and updated 5D. When incorporating multi-hoop designs, follow the on-screen prompts for placement of the hoops for each part of the design. Indicator marks will be made by the machine to assist in proper placement.

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