How to Make Latch Hook Rugs

How to Make Latch Hook Rugs. Making latchhook rugs is easy, relaxing, fun and enjoyable. Many people do them for gifts, and some do them for themselves. Others just do them because it is a good way to unwind after a day at work or running after the kids. No matter what your reason, you will find making latchhook rugs a nice project or hobby.

Buy a kit from the sewing section of Michaels or AC Moore; you will find all the latchhook kits you could ever imagine. You may want to get one for a specific person or for a particular room in your house. No matter what you are looking for you should find it in one of these stores.

Open the kit. You will find balls of yarn that are cut into one length that you will use on the mesh canvas that is included in the kit. You should also find a latchhook and masking tape that you will use in the making of your rugs.

Cover the ends of the mesh with the masking tape. This will protect it from unraveling as you are working your latchhook rug.

Use the color key and the color symbol chart to duplicate the design on your canvas. One piece of yarn will be used for each hole in the mesh.

Begin at the chart's lower left corner mark and work in horizontal rows. Complete each row using the colors called for before moving onto the next row. The canvas is also colored so you only need to refer to the chart when in doubt. There are times when the colors will blend together so you may not be sure which color to use.

Continue until you have every hole in the canvas mesh filled in and you will have a complete latchhook rug.

Decide what you would like your latchhook rug to be: you can make a pillow, a wall hanging or a rug. Depending on which one you choose will depend on how you finish your rug. Either way you need to trim the canvas to one inch around the hooked area and baste it in place.


Making pillows require more work than making rugs. You need to cut it to the size and shape of the pillow and stuff it. Rug binding makes your rugs look more professional.

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