How to Make Large Paper Butterflies for Decorations

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Hole-punch
  • Art supplies
  • String

Decorate your home for a special occasion or to celebrate the changing of the seasons with butterflies made from your choice of decorative papers. Butterflies are easy to make, inexpensive and offer you many varieties in regards to their colors and patterns. By using large pieces of colored paper, you will be able to create your own large paper butterflies as decorations which can either be hung from the ceiling or attached to a string of butterflies in the form of a garland.

Fold a large piece of paper, such as construction paper or poster board, in half. The direction you fold it will depend on what size you want your butterfly to be. On the edge of the fold, draw a butterfly against the fold so that when it is cut out there will be two equal sides. Print out a template of a butterfly and trace it onto the paper if you are not comfortable with your drawing skills.

Cut around the butterfly you drew on the edge of the fold and unfold the butterfly so that it lays flat. It's okay if the fold is still visible, as this allows you to hang butterflies with more depth.

Decorate the butterfly using any art supplies you have available such as crayons, markers, colored pencils or watercolors. You can also use rubber stamp or stencil designs and glitter for more decorative options.

Punch a hole in the top, middle section of the butterfly to prepare it for hanging. Loop a long piece of yarn, string or wire through the hole to make a loop and tie it around a hook or stairway railing for decoration.

Turn paper butterflies into garland by punching a hole on the outer edge of each wing and attaching to half a dozen or so other paper butterflies with string or yarn tied through each.