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How to Make Display Walls for a 10x10 Canopy

Craft fair canopy displays are individual crafters' private showrooms to decorate with their own unique style. These displays are travelling stores, and all fixtures must be portable. Height is important in craft fair displays. Once the 10' x 10' canopies are set up and the clean, white sidewalls in place, vendors can display their work from top to bottom and create displays that utilize all of the space along the walls. White is wasted space.

Things You'll Need:

  • Steel Frame
  • Mesh Display Panels
  • Gridwall Hooks
  • Bungee Cords
  • Gridwall Shelves
  • Gridwalls
  • Gridwall Baskets
  • Grid Connectors
  • Freestanding Fixtures

Set up free-standing gridwalls along the sides and back of your booth. Gridwalls are highly versatile metal mesh grids that come in different sizes. They are 2 feet wide and either 6 or 8 feet tall. Decide how much of each 10 foot wide space you want to cover with gridwall before purchase. To cover just the back wall, you will need five sections.

Set up gridwalls with grid connectors which attach the side edge of one grid to another. Grid connectors are small joining clips and require no additional tools. Many crafters angle the connected grids slightly for added stability. Gridwalls are freestanding so set up is very easy.

Purchase gridwall accessories such as hooks, shelves and baskets. Accessories attach anywhere to the gridwall and are easy to use. No additional tools are necessary. These shelves and baskets come in different sizes to accommodate both small and large objects on display.

Purchase mesh panel sidewalls instead of gridwalls. Mesh sidewalls are for hanging artwork such as sketches, paintings or photographs. Mesh panel sidewalls are less versatile than gridwalls; mesh panels do not accommodate baskets or shelves. Hang pictures on mesh panels with small hooks. The panels are strong and hold heavier, framed pictures safely.

Set up a mesh panel sidewall the same way you set up your canopy. Build the steel, snap-together frame that comes with the panel first. No tools are required, and the frame is freestanding. Then attach the mesh panel to the frame with small bungee cords.

Stand portable retail fixtures against the canopy sidewalls instead of using gridwalls or mesh panels. When choosing display fixtures for your booth, remember to keep portability in mind. Find display fixtures online, through catalogues, or even from retail store owners who are moving or closing.

Set up structures that are as tall as the canopy tent sidewall. For example, hand-crafted greeting cards can be displayed in a freestanding card display just like ones in the store.

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