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Decorating Over Vertical Blinds Ideas

Vertical blinds can be boring or even unattractive in appearance.
vertical yellow background image by .shock from Fotolia.com

Vertical blinds are convenient and wonderful for privacy, but some people find them rather unattractive. In particular, the top bar (called the headrail) that the blinds hang from and slide along is usually not more than a solid strip of plastic. Luckily, if you want to dress up your vertical blinds, there are some ways you can make them more attractive without interfering with their functionality.

Valance and Curtain Panels

Use a soft valance framed by traditional curtain panels to decorate over your vertical blinds. Simply hang a curtain rod above the top of the vertical blinds.

Make sure it protrudes from the wall at least as far as the hardware for the blinds. Then, slide a valance and curtain panels onto the rod. The valance will drape down and hide the vertical blind hardware, and the curtain panels can be opened to use the blinds, or closed to hide them.

You might also want to install curtain panel tiebacks on either side of the vertical blinds, if you use the blinds often.

Bamboo Shade

It may seem strange to cover vertical blinds with a window shade, but such shades are often quite decorative.

Bamboo shades, in particular, lend a fresh, green look to any room and are usually much more attractive than plastic vertical blinds. Simply install the shade above the hardware.

As in the case of the curtain rod, make sure the shade protrudes far enough from the wall to unroll smoothly down over the vertical blinds without catching on them. Leave the blinds open and the shade down for light shade, or close them both to block out light entirely.


Moldings are often used to frame doorways, windows or the lines of ceilings. Sometimes called "chair rails," these decorative pieces of wood (sometimes plastic) are lightweight enough to be placed over the top of your vertical blinds. The designs vary from simple to quite ornate, so there is sure to be one that will match your decor.

You can stain or paint unfinished wood moldings, or choose one that has already been stained or painted.

Measure, then cut it (or, you can ask your local home and garden center to cut if for you) to match the width of your blinds, then adhere it over the front of the top hardware (where the slider mechanism is housed) with construction adhesive.

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