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What Colors Match With Forest Green?

Using forest green is a sure-fire way to infuse a touch of nature indoors.
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Forest green is a color that has many definitions. Logically, forest green is a shade of green observed within a forest, but if you have spent even a little time in a forest, you know that many tones of green are in the tree canopy. As such, some describe it as a dark yellowish or moderate olive green, while others suggest it is a dark green; whereas, you may consider it a dark saturated green with a slightly blue undertone.

While these variations can make it difficult to determine exactly what forest green is, several hues will always work. When in doubt, if you see the combination in nature, you can use it in your home.

Your Own Personal Forest

Transform one wall -- wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling -- into a living wall by installing a vertical garden. Opt for lush greenery that will recycle the air and improve indoor health, as well as a few blooms that will infuse reds or deep oranges into the room.

Paint the remaining walls a pale yellow for a sun-dappled effect. A dark concrete or tiled floor keep things easy to clean.

Introduce caramel-colored seating, enlivened with patterned accent cushions in red and orange, and layer gold, bronze and dark wood into the room for tables, accessories, lighting, mirrors and frames.

Gemstone Ceiling Statement

Paint or paper the ceiling to resemble the rich tones and patterns of malachite, which includes many shades of green, and trim the border with gold. Wrap the remaining walls in a pale green pulled from the ceiling, aiming for a sage-like tone. Select dark wood floors and case goods.

Adorn a leather navy sofa with cushions in a velvet navy blue, white, ocean blue and green stripe. Continue the stripe detail by dressing deep green side chairs with a 3-inch upholstered navy stripe down the center, accented with a 1-inch navy and white Greek key pattern along both edges. Soften the room with a simple area rug in analogous shades of blues and greens.

Classically Chic

Mix forest green with black, oatmeal and white. Paint the walls a soft white. Place an oatmeal-colored, clean lined sofa in a textured fabric atop a hide rug in black and white, accenting it with graphic black and oatmeal cushions in mixed diagonal stripes and chain link patterns. In lieu of a coffee table, place two "X" stools side by side that are upholstered in a black and white velvet-cut swirl and black-painted legs. Introduce comfortable side chairs in deep forest green velvet with button-tufted back cushions. On the wall behind the sofa, place a large-scale artwork mirror with lacquered black frame. Add side tables with glass tops and delicate metal bases.

No Shrinking Violet

Pale lavender walls and a large watercolor rug that includes shades of violet, plum, dusty lilac, forest green and warm, medium yellow-green create a peaceful, grounded space. Choose a similar lavender for silk draperies, adding an 18-inch horizontal band along the bottom in violet and a contrast ribbon detail between the two silks that incorporate forest green, preferably in paisley. Textured, lush upholstery in purple-gray on chrome or acrylic legs should appear to float. Install a large triptych floral or abstract print that brings more forest green into the room, framed by chrome sconces.

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