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Colors That Match Red Brick

Brown couch seating in front of red brick wall
Pablo Scapinachis/Hemera/Getty Images

Even though several paint colors pair well with red brick, think about other influential design elements in your home before making a final paint color selection. Whether you're looking to paint an exterior or interior space, your decorating style, and the home's color scheme and architectural features can help you narrow paint color options. If you live in a residential area governed by a homeowners association, check the guidelines for any prohibited exterior paint colors.

Urban Appeal

White paint provides a great contrast to the red bricks.
lightkeeper/iStock/Getty Images

Give your red brick fireplace, accent wall or exterior facade an uptown vibe with the right paint colors. A white-toned paint adds freshness and bright contrast against both exterior and interior brick. For small rooms with an exposed brick wall, white paint also creates the clean feel of a more spacious interior space. If the brick has hints of gray, choose a complementary gray tint to provide a neutral backdrop for contemporary furnishings. Likewise, incorporate gray as a modern, no-nonsense paint hue for exterior walls, wood trim and doors to boost the curb appeal of a home accented with red-brick architectural details.

Earthy Rustic

Woman painting a wall sage green
IvanMikhaylov/iStock/Getty Images

For brick homes with a rustic ambiance, choose rich, earthy paint colors. If your home has red-brick exterior walls, add board-and-batten shutters covered with dark-brown paint. Apply a muted green shade to the trim and exterior doors for a color boost. Surround an interior brick fireplace with a sage-green accent wall, and apply creamy beige to the remaining walls to continue the earthy atmosphere indoors. Paint wooden ceiling beams with dark-brown paint to produce intense color contrast against a light-colored ceiling.

Traditional Taste

Brick exterior wall with black and white framed windows
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Make a traditional red-brick home stand out in the neighborhood by conveying a stately appearance. Highlight exterior windows by applying a fresh coat of white paint to the trim, and install black-painted louvered shutters to generate a classic black-and-white contrast against red brick. Extend the fresh white appeal to the door frames, pillars and porch rails, and continue the black paint to the exterior doors. Use glossy black paint to add a touch of elegance to traditional style. Neutral wall hues -- such as barely beige, creamy ivory and soft taupe -- boost the traditional elegance of a red-brick fireplace or feature wall inside your home.

Country Manor

Brick country home with beige accents
fallbrook/iStock/Getty Images

Pump up the regal appeal of a grand, brick-clad country home with coordinating paint colors. Rich beige adds simple, brightening elegance to exterior features such as Roman columns, pillars, decorative window boxes and fancy pergolas. Accentuate the brick facade with dark-red doors and window trim. Incorporate a touch of high-end appeal with a shiny brass door knocker, kick plate and impressive door handle. Take the dark-red paint inside your home to fashion a stylish accent wall adjacent to a brick fireplace or exposed brick area. Apply the beige paint used outdoors to the interior walls to coordinate with the exterior palette.

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