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What Is the Meaning Behind Different Door Colors?

Black front door.
irina88w/iStock/Getty Images

Give your front door the attention it deserves by applying a fresh coat of paint, but take some time to choose the right color. Because the front door is the focal point of a home, the color conveys a powerful decorating statement. Color psychologists have even suggested that the door's hue can reflect the homeowner's personality. Front door colors range from lively and energetic to subdued and tranquil -- select one to fit your style.

Kick It Into High Gear

Some front doors shout for attention and will not settle for simply blending into the background. For example, a bold red door beckons you to come inside for an interior that is filled with energy and excitement.

Red is full of passion and life, and makes your house stand out on the block. Feng shui principles suggest a red front door also attracts positive energy to your home.

A brilliant orange door generates a friendly, fun-loving ambiance and suits a homeowner with an extroverted personality. If you are an optimist, add a touch of cheery sunshine to your neighborhood with a vivacious yellow door.

Take a Deep Breath

A homeowner with a blue front door sends tranquil, calm signals that he views his home as a relaxing retreat from a fast-paced world. Blue is a also a peaceful reminder of the outdoors -- ocean and sky. Green tones generate vibes of safety, health and eco-friendly tranquility.

From muted shades of sage to more intense grass-inspired hues, a green door sets the stage for a harmonious home environment that implies the homeowner also cares about the community.

Keep It Neutral

Black doors project timeless appeal, classic sophistication and a feeling of power and authority. When you step inside, you'll likely find a serious homeowner and a no-nonsense interior.

A pristine white front door alludes to a fresh, organized and clean interior -- and homeowner.

Painted or stained brown doors look natural, organic and earthy, to infer stability, warmth and reliability.

Somewhere between black and white is a compromise -- gray. A front door in a shade of neutral gray hints at a dignified home with a modern twist.

Go Out on a Limb

If you are feeling brave in the decorating world, give your front door a splash of purple. A purple door tells the world you are a "free spirit" -- somewhat of a dreamer and risk taker. Intense purple tones are often associated with drama and royalty, while soft lavender shades convey a breezy, carefree attitude.

Although a pink door is not for everyone, it will certainly draw attention to your home as a happy hue. Bright pink makes a cheery statement and alludes to a lighthearted, exciting and often youthful homeowner.

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