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House Paint Colors That Go With Green Shingles

Green shingles can help narrow your paint color choices.
house image by Brett Bouwer from Fotolia.com

Choosing a color for the exterior of your house can be nerve wracking and time consuming. After all, you are keenly aware you may have to live with the choice for years. Electing to select colors to match an existing part of the home's design, such as shingles, can help narrow your choices. Consider some color choices that go well with green shingles.


Because your shingles are green, you may decide to simply go with the flow and paint your home's exterior green. You can try to match the color of the shingles perfectly, but this might create an effect so muted that it's unappealing. Another option is to provide some variation by selecting a different shade of green. If your shingles are in the olive green range. perhaps a deep, forest green will suit the rest of the exterior. If you are comfortable with an even lighter color, pale green is a good choice, providing contrast while remaining in the same color family. Adding a trim in a third shade of green can finish the design.


Red is complementary to green. On the color wheel, red rests directly across from green. You may not be inclined to cover your home in scarlet just to complement your green shingles, but you might consider a less provocative shade of red, such as burgundy or carmine. Black or brown trim color provides the perfect counterpoint.


Canary yellow may be too intense, but any shade from eggshell to French vanilla can create a peaceful counterpoint to your green shingles. If your shingles are deep olive, a cream color rich in yellow undertones is ideal. Ivory is often the perfect foil for shingles of forest-green. Make sure that the color you choose does not give you a sense of unease when paired with your shingle color and that you are perfectly comfortable with your selection.

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