How to Make Chandeliers With Beads

A beaded chandelier can be an amazing part of your home décor.
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A chandelier is a lovely piece of décor you can add to your living room or dining room to create a distinguished ambience. Commercially-made chandeliers are expensive, and it can often be difficult to find one that perfectly complements your color schemes. Fortunately, beads come in thousands of colors; with patience and time, you can create a chandelier that will be a perfect fit.

Things You'll Need

  • Beads
  • String
  • Binder Clips
  • Chandelier Frame
  • Glue

Buy or make a chandelier frame. Commercially-available frames come with loops from which to hang your beads, probably giving you the most professional finish. However, if you do not want to buy, make a chandelier frame out of a hanging basket.

Design your chandelier carefully. Most beading projects can be accomplished with relatively little planning; however, chandeliers require meticulous design to come out well. Make sure you plan the lengths of each string and the placement of each bead before you begin.

Purchase your materials. Chandeliers require large quantities of beads, so if you wish to use a small supplier, buy all your beads at once. Sometimes different batches of beads and other jewelry components are colored slightly different, so this will ensure that you get all your beads from the same batch.

Cut a length of string at least 3 inches longer than the planned length for your first strand and clamp a binder clip onto it. This will ensure that the beads do not slide off your strand as you do the stringing.

String your beads onto the strand in the planned order, then tie the free end onto one of the loops on your chandelier frame. If your chandelier has multiple tiers of beads, start with the innermost tier first, so you do not have to later work under the other tiers of hanging beads.

Remove the binder clip from the bottom and tie a secure knot with the extra length of string.

Dab a tiny bit of super glue onto both the knots in your strand to ensure that the beads do not come loose.

String more beads onto strands, repeating these steps, then attach the strands to the chandelier until you have completed your design. You can now hang and enjoy your chandelier.