How to Make Beaded Fringe

This articles describes easy to follow directions for making hand beaded fringe. You can use the fringe to do many things. You can decorate pillows, curtains, kitchen napkin holders, or even add the fringe to shawls, hemlines of skirts and dresses. This fringe is very easy to make, and will add embellishments to personify you're home.

Open the packaged of beads and pour them all into the bowl. This will serve as your bead holder for the time being. Take the ribbon out of its package and with the scissors cut of thirty- eight inches of ribbon. This will give you one yard of beaded fringe to embellish anything you'd like. Take the beading thread and open its package. Cut a large piece of beading thread, about twenty inches or so, and thread it through the beading needle. You're now ready to go onto step two.

With ribbon in hand, thread the beading string through the bottom of the ribbon to the other side of the ribbon, and then thread it through again to the other side and tie a not. This will be you're place holder. Take five small beads and thread them through the bottom of the ribbon, add two medium beads, one large bead, and then tie a not at the bottom of the large bead. You're now ready to go onto step three.

Now that you're at the bottom of the large bead and you've tied a knot you want to go up through the large bead and through the rest of the beads until you reach the bottom of the ribbon again. Once there, you will then thread through the bottom of the ribbon again, making sure you tie a knot at the top of the previous bead string. You're now ready to go onto step four.

You are now ready to repeat step two. You'll want to continue tying knots at the top of each new bead strand to ensure that the beads do not become loose. You also want to make sure you tie knots at the end of each strand so the beads do not fall of the strand if the thread becomes broken. Once you finish the entire yard of ribbon you're then ready for step five

Once the ribbon is completely beaded you're ready to apply the finishing touches. You will need to first check for any loose strands. If everything is secure then take the super glue out of its package, and cut the tip off. You'll want to first apply a small amount of glue one each end of ribbon. Once this dries you will then apply the glue to the top of each strand of beads. Wait for that to dry, and then apply it the same way onto the bottom strand so beads. This will ensure that the beads do not become loose, and that they will not fall off the strands.


Use super glue not fabric glue, because fabric glue is messy and does not work. Use actual beading thread as this is much stronger than sewing thread Get creative with your designs. You don't have to use my design as long as the concept is followed.


If bead strands become loose just read thread the actual strand that is loose, and apply more super glue.