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How to Make Bamboo Curtains

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Bamboo curtains can be used where privacy is not a concern. A doorway without a door is a common place to hang bamboo curtains. They serve as a prominent division of the rooms. Bamboo curtains are also used as a window treatments that allow the sunlight to flow into the room. Another use of the curtains is for a simple wall art. They can be hung in rooms without windows to give an illusion of a window. Making your own bamboo curtain is simple but a considerable amount of time will be dedicated.

Things You'll Need:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • Construction Adhesive
  • Small Drill Bit
  • Marker
  • Curtain Rod
  • Bamboo Beads
  • Mono-Filament Line

Measure the length of your doorway or other area where you will mount your curtain. Add 5 inches. This is your length measurement.

Cut the mono-filament line two times as long as the length measurement.

Drill a small hole through the side of two bamboo beads. The hole will be toward one end of the bead.

Thread one bead half way up the mono-filament line. Make sure the line ends are even. Tie the ends of the line with a double overhand knot. Allow the bead to rest in the bend of the line. The result is a double strand of line, approximately 12 inch shorter than your length measurement. Mark the line 9 1/2 inches from the knot.

Thread bamboo beads on the double line by sliding them over the knot down to the first bead. Continue adding beads until they reach the 9 1/2 inch mark. Place the second drilled bead on the end with the drilled small hole toward the top.

Cut a piece of mono-filament line 6-inches long. Thread half of the line through the drilled small hole in the top bead. Tie the 6-inch line around the original double line. Tie a triple overhand knot. Thread the extra line down through the bamboo bead. Add a drop of construction adhesive on the knot.

Tie the empty end of the bead strand on a curtain rod. Use a triple overhand knot to hold the strand to the rod. Add a drop of glue to the knot. Clip excess line.

Repeat for additional strands until you reach the width of the curtain rod. The number of strands you will need will be determined by how big your beads are and how dense you want the curtain to be.


Paint some of the beads different colors to create a pattern.


  • Double check all knots for strength. If a knot comes untied your beads will fall off your curtain.
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