How to Make a Woggle Out of Cord or Rope

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • ¼-inch diameter twisted nylon cord
  • Lighter

Boy Scouts often wear woggles to keep their neckerchiefs in place. These wide rings of leather or woven cord slide easily up over the corners of a sash to hold it securely against your neck. Women may also wear woggles to hold a decorative scarf in place around their shoulders or hips. They also work well as ponytail decorations. Woven woggles are particularly versatile because they fit many styles and situations. Help your scout troop make a few woggles and challenge them to find different uses for them.

Cut about 5 feet of ¼-inch diameter twisted cord. This may seem a lot of cord for a little woggle, but the weave you’ll be using eats up cord very quickly.

Hold both ends of the cord to a lighter to melt the frays. This keeps the cord from fuzzing and coming untwisted as you weave.

Place one of the ends of the cord against the base of your left middle finger. Wrap the cord around the back of your hand, around the side of your ring finger, and cross it over the end of the cord to form an X. Hold your pinky out of the way.

Wrap the cord around the backs of your fingers again and bring it up across your ring finger to form a second X below the first X.

Slip the end of the cord under the upper right arm of the first X. Wrap the cord to the backs of your fingers and turn your hand so you can see the backs of your fingers.

Note the two parallel cords running across the backs of your fingers. Lift the bottom cord and bring it over the top cord, forming an eye-shaped opening.

Feed the end of the cord down through the eye-shaped opening, keeping it parallel to the bottom cord in the opening.

Continue weaving the cord around your hand, weaving it parallel to the cord at the bottom of the eye-shaped opening. Follow this cord around and around until you run out of cord.

Slip the woggle off your hand and gently tug on the ends of the cord to tighten and adjust the weaving.

Butt the two ends of the cord together and hold the lighter to them to melt them together. When wearing the woggle, make sure the melted part doesn’t show.


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