How to Make a Turkey Costume for Children

Children may need to dress as a turkey for any number of occasions, including a school play, class presentation or Halloween. With a trip to your local craft store, you can buy everything you need to create the ideal turkey costume. Making the costume yourself not only saves time and money, but can mean a fun afternoon working together with your child.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard Or Poster Board
  • Needle And Thread Or Sewing Machine
  • Hook-And-Loop Tape
  • Brown Fabric
  • Pins
  • Red, Yellow, Orange And White Fabric
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Baseball Hat
  • Glue
  • Yellow Or White Pants

Measure your child’s height from shoulder to knee. Double this measurement and cut out enough brown fabric for the double measurement. You will drape the brown fabric over your child, so it must be long enough to cover the front and back.

Fold the brown fabric in half. At the fold, cut a hole large enough for your child’s head.

Drape the fabric over your child. Pin the two halves of the fabric together just below each armpit. Remove the fabric from your child, leaving enough room for the arms. Sew each side of the fabric together from the pin down to the bottom. The stitch style does not matter, so long as the stitch will hold as your child moves around.

Stand your child up straight and hold a piece of poster board or cardboard behind him. Measure a half circle from the board, so that you can see the top over your child’s head and the sides past his shoulders. Cut this half circle from the board.

Glue brown fabric to both sides of the board with craft glue, fabric glue or hot glue; any of these will hold the fabric in place. While the glue dries, cut feather shapes out of red, orange and yellow fabric. Glue these feathers onto the back of the board, and on the top and sides of the board that extend beyond the child’s body. Allow all glue to dry before continuing.

Attach hook-and-loop tape strips to the back of the brown body fabric and to the blank part of the poster board. Attach the board to the body fabric.

Cover the bill of a baseball hat with yellow fabric; cover both the top and bottom. Cover the rest of the hat with brown fabric. Use glue to hold the fabric in place.

Cut two large circles out of white fabric; the circles should fit next to each other on the front of the baseball cap, just above the rim. Draw black circles in the center of the white circles with black permanent marker to form eyes. Glue the eyes to the hat.

Dress your child. Dress him in yellow or white pants to imitate the turkey’s legs. Drape the brown fabric carefully over the child’s head; make sure the poster board is secure against his back. Put the hat in place to form the turkey’s head.


  • Use a baseball hat that you do not need again, as the material will be glued to the hat.

    Make a turkey's dewlap out of red craft foam; glue it to a brown turtleneck sweater, which can be worn underneath the outside layer of fabric.

    Most craft stores sell fake feathers, which can be used on the tail instead of fabric.

    Use pillows underneath the brown fabric to make your turkey looked "stuffed."