How to Make a Toga Out of a Sheet for a Woman

Toga parties are a common type of event on many college campuses. These gatherings are often impromptu, with little time available for putting together a good costume. The ability to throw together an attractive toga with little more than a sheet is a welcome skill. While you can drape the fabric over your body in a loosely tied mess, a well constructed toga can do wonders for your appearance, and help to make you the life of the party.

Hold the sheet lengthwise so that the shortest side of the sheet is hanging down. A twin size sheet will provide the best fit for most women.

Drape one corner of the sheet over your left shoulder from the front. The corner should hang down over your shoulder by about six inches. Hold the corner in place with your chin, or have someone else hold this corner for you.

Wrap the sheet snugly around your body, underneath your arm pits. Continue to wrap until you reach the end of the sheet.

Drape the opposite corner of the sheet over your left shoulder from the back. Secure the second corner to the first with a safety pin. Tie a knot over the top of the pin to conceal it, or add a decorative broach.

Tie a belt around the center of the toga to keep it in place, if needed. Additional safety pins, concealed on the underside of the cloth, can be used to secure the loose end of the sheet closer to the body if desired.


A white sheet is the most traditional choice for this type of costume. One with red or gold trim will provide a more elegant look.

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