How to Make a Spilled Drink Gag

You can leave out the brown paint and stir stick to turn a coffee spill into a milk spill.
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Maybe mom and dad just purchased new living room furniture over which they obsess. Maybe it happens to be April Fool's Day. Or maybe you are just feeling a bit mischievous. Whatever the reason or occasion, a fake spilled drink gag is a fun and harmless prank that is easy for kids, or kids-at-heart, to make and execute.

Things You'll Need

  • Cookie Sheet
  • 1/4 Cup Brown Acrylic Craft Paint
  • 1/4 Cup White Elmer'S School Glue
  • 9-Inch By 11-Inch Waxed Paper
  • Disposable Coffee Cup
  • 1 Stir Stick

Center the waxed paper on a cookie sheet and set it aside.

Pour approximately 1/4 cup of Elmer's glue in a disposable coffee cup.

Stir in approximately 1/4 cup brown paint until it is a uniform brown color.

Tip the cup over onto its side on the waxed paper. Position the cup in such a way as to ensure the spill remains on the waxed paper. Allow the contents to "spill" naturally.

Arrange the stir stick in the spill and allow the spill to dry completely, undisturbed, for a week.

Peel away the waxed paper.


  • For added authenticity, embed a used sugar packet or creamer tub in the spill while it is still wet.

    Exact measurements are not necessary for the spill, so there is no need to dirty a measuring cup.


  • Prevent a real mess -- make sure the gag spill is completely dry before using it.