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How to Refill a Ronson Jet Lighter

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The Ronson JetLite series of blue flame butane lighters is a choice for people who enjoy Ronson lighters and desire a windproof, refillable lighter. Ronson JetLite lighters are childproof and have an adjustable flame. In many cases, as with other refillable lighters, you will need to learn how to refill the fuel to keep the lighter functional. However, the instructions that come with your lighter may be absent, misplaced or hard to understand.

Turn your Ronson JetLite lighter upside down with the lid closed until you can see a small screw and a port hole, also known as the inlet valve.

Remove the lid from the butane canister. Turn the butane can upside down and place the valve of the butane canister, which is usually red, into the inlet valve of the JetLite lighter.

Press down on the valve and canister in three or four short bursts, holding the lighter in one hand and the butane canister in the other.

Let the JetLite lighter sit for at least five minutes before you attempt to use it, allowing the fuel to settle.

Things You'll Need:

  • Butane fuel canister
  • Ronson JetLite lighter


After refueling, you can adjust the flame to the desired height by turning the screw clockwise or counterclockwise. Ronson recommends its brand of butane fuel canisters be used for best results.


  • If you accidentally get some of the butane fuel on your hands, wash immediately with soap and water.
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