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Polaris Clutch Spring Colors

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Polaris clutch springs are designed specifically for Polaris snowmobile clutching systems. The springs are used to enhance the performance of a snowmobile. Polaris sells primary clutch springs and secondary clutch springs. The primary clutch springs are color coded to represent compression rates based on the number of pounds of force needed to compress the spring 2.5 inches and 1.19 inches. The secondary clutch springs are color coded to rate degrees in softness, from a soft 1 to a firm 7.

Clutch Spring Performance

Adjusting the tension and firmness of the springs in a clutch will affect the upshift and backshift capabilities of a snowmobile. The adjustments will allow a quicker acceleration as well as a quick backshift to maintain power.

Primary Clutch Springs

White-colored clutch springs compress 35 to 140 lb. Green clutch springs compress 40 to 142 lb. Yellow compress 45 to 185 lb. Brown compress 7 to 210 lb. Purple compress 75 to 135 lb. Red and white combined colored clutch springs compress 100 to 220 lb. Gold compress 100 to 275 lb. Blue compress 120 to 300 lb. Dark blue/white compress 120 to 310 lb. Black/green compress 120 to 340 lb. Black/white compress 140 to 320 lb. Almond compress 140 to 330 lb. Almond combined with other colors focuses the range of compression. Almond/black can compress 165 to 310 lb, almond/blue 150 to 310 lb, almond/gold 150 to 290 lb, and almond/red 165 to 310 lb.

Secondary Clutch Springs

Red secondary springs are the softest and are rated a 1. Black are rated 2. Blue are 4. Silver are 5. The silver/blue color combined springs are rated 6. Blue/orange are 7.

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