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How to Refill a Dunhill Lighter

Disposable gloves will keep lighter fluid from getting on your hands.
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Dunhill lighters use butane gas to fuel the lighter flame. The butane can be refilled with butane lighter fuel when it becomes low or empty. Dunhill recommends only using Dunhill lighter fuel to refill Dunhill lighters. It is important to follow the correct steps when refilling the lighter to prevent fuel leaks or damage to the lighter.

Hold the lighter upside down with the cap closed. Locate the slotted filler valve cap on the base of the lighter.

Use a coin or fingernail to unscrew the cap to the filler valve. Rotate the cap counter-clockwise and remove it from the lighter.

Press the nozzle of the fuel refill can as far as it will go into the valve aperture. You will hear a loud hiss indicating that the liquid fuel is entering the lighter.

Hold the refill and the lighter in position until a few drops of liquid fuel flow out of the valve. These drops indicate that the lighter is full. Remove the refill can from the lighter. Replace the cap. Screw the cap clockwise until it is tight.


Wear disposable gloves to keep liquid fuel from getting on your hands

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