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How to Change the Flint in a Ronson Lighter

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With your Ronson lighter, you may find that it has suddenly stopped working. If you have refilled the fuel and adjusted the flame but still do not have a spark to ignite your lighter, you may need to replace the flint, the little red piece that provides the spark when you strike your Ronson lighter. Replacing the flint can be done without having to take your lighter to someone else or sending it back to the manufacturer.

Ronson Coil Lighters

Pull the lighting mechanism out of the case by grasping the flame area in one hand and the case in the other, pulling up on the flame area.

Flip the lighting mechanism over and locate the small screw in the wick area. Unscrew the screw using the small screwdriver and turning counterclockwise. If there are any pieces of the old flint, you can get them out by turning the mechanism back upright.

Insert a replacement flint into the hole where the spring and screw were located.

Replace the spring and screw, pressing inward and turning the screwdriver clockwise to tighten. Place the lighting mechanism back into the casing and push down gently to slide into position.

Strike your Ronson lighter at least three or four times to help seat the flint.

Lever-spring Lighters

Locate the push lever on top of the lighting mechanism of your Ronson lighter. This lever will be what you use to make the lighter work.

Push back this lever locking it into position. This will expose the flint area.

Turn your Ronson lighter upside down to remove any stray pieces of flint.

Place a new flint into this hole and push gently to make sure it gets in properly.

Unlock the lighting lever and press a few times to prepare the flint.

Things You'll Need:

  • Replacement flint (usually five in a pack)
  • Ronson lighter
  • Small screwdriver (if applicable)


Ronson recommends that you use only Ronson flints; other brand flints may not fit properly and cause damage to your lighter. Eyeglass screwdrivers work well to access the screw.

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