How to Make a Silk Scarf

Wikimedia Commons

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine or serger
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Silk fabric
  • Ruler

If you're just learning how to sew, making a silk scarf is one of the easiest projects you can undertake. Although the fabric may be a little more expensive than most other fabric for beginning projects, the end result will be more rewarding and fashionable in the end. In stores, designer silk scarves can go for as much as $400 or $500. While they are beautiful luxury items, the fact remains that you can create a similar effect at home with some pins, a sewing machine and a square piece of fabric.

Figure out the size of your scarf. Some scarves are merely accessories, which tend to be square-shaped. They are generally about 24 inches all around the side. Meanwhile, more practical scarves, the kind for winter, tend to be rectangular in shape, narrow and long.

If you are making a rectangular scarf, take height into consideration. A long scarf should fall at least to where you wear your pants. This gives you enough length to wrap it around your neck a few times.

If making a square-shaped scarf, make sure you have enough to drape over your shoulders or tie around your neck.

Once you have a general measurement, add about 1/4 of an inch all around, and cut out the scarf.

If using a serger, set the serger to make a roll hem and finish the edges all the way around.

If using a sewing machine, turn up the edges 1/8" on all sides. Press.

Once the edges have been pressed, fold over the edge another 1/8"; press and pin all around.

Neatly snip any excess fabric in the corners.

On the sewing machine, stitch closely along the top edge of the fold, making sure to pivot when turning a corner, and back stitch at both ends.


  • To avoid bulk, snip the corners with each fold.

    If you want more of a frayed, casual look, you can also make a silk scarf without sewing. Just cut the scarf and pull some of the lengthwise threads from the edge of the scarf you want frayed.