How to Make a Popcorn Box

A popcorn box adds flair to an average movie night.
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Movie night at home saves your family money and makes for a fun, family-bonding experience. Enjoying a box of popcorn from a box you made yourself adds to the excitement of watching a movie on your couch. Whether you choose a traditional red and white box, or design an original box of your own with paint, markers and stickers, creating your own popcorn box gives your family a sense of accomplishment while watching your favorite movies together as a family.

Things You'll Need

  • Double-Sided Or Transparent Tape
  • Stickers (Optional)
  • White Cardboard Or Poster Board
  • Markers Or Paint (Optional)
  • Utility Knife Or Scissors
  • Printer
  • Wax Paper Or Parchment Paper (Optional)

Choose the popcorn box template that you wish to use and print the template onto the poster board or cardboard cut to fit your printer. Alternatively, draw your own popcorn box template on the cardboard or poster board. Decorate if you so desire.

Cut the popcorn box image from the paper medium you chose, following the lines carefully so as not to have a lopsided box. You should have two pieces of the popcorn box template to create one popcorn box.

Stick the double-sided or transparent tape to the tabs, and fold the templates along the indicated lines. This is likely the halfway point of each of the images and the lower sections that create the bottom of the boxes.

Connect the long-side tabs to the opposite long-side of the box without the tabs. This creates the box shape with just the bottom of the box requiring attachment. Depending on the template, or drawing created, the bottom of the box is one square with three tabs to connect to each side of the popcorn box, or four tabs on each end of the box to fold under and connect. Attach the bottom accordingly, based on the type of box you created.

Line the box with wax paper or parchment paper so you can reuse the box whenever you like. Fill the boxes with your favorite hot popcorn.


  • Waxy poster board is better than matte paper as the butter or grease from the popcorn soaks through thinner, more absorbent paper types.


  • Glue should only be used on decorative popcorn boxes, as the chemicals from the glue could seep into the popcorn.