How to Make a Paper Ladybug

Things You'll Need

  • 1 paper plate
  • Black construction paper
  • Red construction paper
  • 1 brass fastener
  • Hole punch

As they run around outside, one bug that might have landed on a child is a lady bug. A fun little false fact about a lady bug is you can tell the age of a lady bug by the dots on their back. While it's a wise tale, in many culture the lady bug means good luck when it lands on you. Read on to learn more.

Set up:

Cut red construction paper size of paper plate. If you do not have red construction paper, the children can color the paper plate red. Cut the black construction paper slightly smaller then the size of the paper plate. Cut small circles for the spots on the lady bug. You can use the hole punch and use the paper that created the hole or use larger circles.

Either color the paper plate red or glue the red construction paper on the plate. You are going to color or glue the paper on the back of the paper plate.

Place the black dots for the spots of the lady bug on the red portion of the plate.

Cut the plate in half.

Place the black construction circle underneath the paper plate as if the plate had not been cut.

Using the hole punch, slightly overlap the top of the plates enough to punch a hole but not have it tear. Hole punch the two plates the the black circle underneath.

Using the brass fastener, fasten all three pieces together. The fastener will allow the wings of the lady bug to come out as if it was flying.