How to Make a Paper Burger

Use construction paper to make a burger. Use various colors of construction paper to make the toppings and condiments. You can add any type of condiments or topping to your burger. Make this craft for decoration or art project. You can make this project as large or small as you like it. However, because it’s made from paper, the burger can’t be handled very much. Decide where you want to hang or display it, before applying any tape to the back, to prevent damage.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Brown, Tan, Green, Yellow, Red, Black And Orange Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Markers

Draw a circle on the brown construction paper with the pencil to make the burger. Make the circle any size. Draw three to four brown or black lines with a marker on the burger to make grill lines.

Cut out the circle.

Draw two circles, slightly bigger than the brown circle, on the tan construction paper to make the buns. One piece will be the top bun. Draw small dots with a brown marker on the top bun to make sesame seeds. Cut the two buns out.

Cut out a squiggle from the red and yellow construction paper to make ketchup and mustard. Instead of a squiggle, you can cut out a spiral, if desired.

Draw two long, skinny ovals on the sheet of green construction paper to make pickles. You can also draw small circles if you would rather have pickle chips. Draw a green line around the edge of the pickles to represent the peel. Add green dots for seeds. Cut the pickles out.

Draw a square, smaller than the brown circle, on the sheet of orange construction paper to make cheese. Cut it out. Cut off the corners for a round piece of cheese.

Lay the black piece of construction paper vertically on a flat surface. Glue one tan circle on the bottom. Apply glue onto one side of the brown circle. Tuck the lower fourth of the brown circle under the tan circle. The rest sits on the black paper. Glue the orange square on top of the brown circle. Glue the green ovals, red squiggle and yellow squiggle onto the square. Glue the remaining tan circle over the upper fourth of the toppings.

Apply masking tape to the back of the picture and place on a wall, if desired.